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Jinny Park - Clinical Medical Placement in Ghana

Ghana Accra, Ghana  |  Sep 07, 2012
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 I hope I will be able to come back someday but for now, I will study harder the way my trip has inspired me. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your experiences in Ghana?

My time in Ghana has been an adventure. What I hoped to achieve and what I actually gain was quite different. I thought that working within the medical field would help me understand what it means to be a doctor or some care giver. Initially that is what I learned, but I also learned the difficulties of an actual hospital and the work force. People want to be treated and it felt great to be able to help but it wasn’t easy going pass the screaming children, the impatient adults and difficulties working with other sexes and ages.

Tell us about your project at the hospital.

The hospital was wonderful in the way it treated me as a volunteer and as a student. I learned a lot from the matron, the research lab leader and the other workers and nurses. I know I will never get the same experience as I did here. I hope this hospital prospers and continues to help as many people in the future as possible.

What were the highlights of your trip?

Accra has been an exciting city itself. Though there were moments of cultural shock, it only made my time that much more exciting. Cape Coast was wonderful and full of history. I think that was the most fun I had this trip.

I hope I will be able to come back someday but for now, I will study harder the way my trip has inspired me.

What were your experiences in your homestay like?

I couldn’t have asked for a better place to spend my time and call ‘’ home’’. First of all I like to thank my home – stay mother ‘’mummy’’ for all the advice, love and care she provided. Her eccentric and fun character made me see how strong and beautiful African women are. Its one lesson I never want to forget: women are powerful. I saw so many things women were capable of: physical strength, strong mothers and patient givers. Coming here I feel like learn how to be a better person and what kind of person I want to be.

The children were wonderful company to have. They were always filled with laughter and respect. I don’t think I was ever unhappy when I was with them. They made me feel welcome and grateful to be able to meet them.

I can’t leave without saying how great the food was. My taste buds are not the same .The food was like their cultural colourful and new. I will miss so many things but my family is main part.

Thank you for sending me to them.

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