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Updates from the South African bush!

Some of our most popular projects are based in beautiful South Africa, on private game reserves either channeling your inner photographer or helping with crucial wildlife research. The hardworking volunteers we send out there get up to all kinds of different adventures, and it's only right that we share their achievements and give you guys the lowdown on what's been going on.

Mandela Day fun and building in the sun

South Africa Kruger Park, South Africa  |  Aug 28, 2012
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 Mdletshe Primary School, Mandela Day in the community of Mange 

South Africa is always a popular destination for wildlife lovers. Volunteers stay on the game reserve to take part in our “Black Rhino, elephant and big cat research project” and get their clicking fingers in motion as part of our “Photography and conservation project”. As usual the volunteers have been busy, but have spared us a little time for an update, and have filled us in with what they have been doing.

An integral part of both of the projects is that they include an element of community work.  When trying to conserve the environment in an area, having the support of the local community is always vital.  It is for this reason that both projects involve spending some time in the local community and taking part in environmental education.  Another part of working with the community is to make sure that there are adequate facilities for the local residents.

This July, part of the community work involved making some much-needed renovations to the Mdletshe Primary School as well as meeting and interacting with the kids. Last year the volunteers helped erect a fence around the school with the funds raised by volunteers.  This year, they decided to help with making bricks for the ongoing construction of a new classroom, clearing a field to make way for a football pitch and a jungle gym for the children, much to their anticipation and delight!

30 Volunteers, 5.5 tonnes of cement, 28 pieces of wood, 9 tyres, a lot of tools, nails and bolts, and an army of helpful locals later, the kids were allowed to climb onto the structure for the first time, making all the hard work worth it.

The volunteers also got involved with Mandela Day in the community of Mange. There was some clean up to be done around the crèche and community centre. There have been bushes allowed to overgrow so much so that the locals are concerned about snakes lurking around the centre leading to it unfortunately being under-used. The volunteers managed to clear the bushes and had extra time for a litter pick, resulting in over ten bags of rubbish and a much safer, better looking area for the children.

If you would like to get involved and make a difference you can volunteer at either of the projects mentioned and start your adventure! Please click on the links below to have a read through the full project descriptions on our website:

Black rhino, elephant and big cat research and conservation:


Photography and conservation project:


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  • Mandela Day fun and building in the sun

    August 28, 2012
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