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  • Travel Tips for the Philippines: Part 2

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    by: MiraMoore

    created on: May 19, 2011 | Tacloban City, Philippines

    Travel Tips for the Philippines: Part 2 Edit Article Title Posted on May 19, 2011 Philippines Edit Article Location    Share | For the second part of my travel tips for the Philippines I just want to let you know about some of the trips you can take if have …

  • Best start packing


    by: AbigailKinder

    created on: Sep 03, 2013 | Leeds, United Kingdom

    So it's not long to go know, in 2 days time i will be boarding the plane and jetting off to the Philippines hoping to make a difference. I've not really thought about how far i'm travelling and the journey its self but it's just hit me that i'm finally venturing outside of Europe and doing something worth while (very excited)... Suppose I should start packing really! More to come....

  • San Juan Nutrition Project, Philippines


    by: EmmaLeek

    created on: Jun 08, 2013 | Tacloban City, Philippines

    My first week has flown by; I am not sure where the time has gone! I have slowly settled in as everyone here is very friendly. My project coordinators, Ester and Odessa have been so helpful. I am a nutrition volunteer here in Tacloban City. To get to the feeding center which is near the town of Santa Fe, the main mode of transport involves taking a jeepney (usually you are …

  • Jinny Park - Clinical Medical Placement in Ghana

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    by: kayaadvisor

    created on: Sep 06, 2012 | Accra, Ghana

    Can you tell us a little bit about your experiences in Ghana? My time in Ghana has been an adventure. What I hoped to achieve and what I actually gain was quite different. I thought that working within the medical field would help me understand what it means to be a doctor or some care giver. Initially that is what I learned, but I also learned the difficulties …

  • Melissa Hawkes-Blackburn: Work in Rural Health Clinics in the Philippines

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    by: kayaadvisor

    created on: Aug 14, 2012 | Tacloban City, Philippines

    Tell us about your experiences with Kaya Kaya was really helpful throughout the sign up process. I had lots of questions to ask before I signed up, which were all answered and once I had signed up I was given a lot of information to prepare for it. The advisors kept in contact with me throughout my preparations and eased any worries that I had. What …

  • Alicia Heineger: Bulawayo Wildlife Rescue Sanctuary


    by: kayaadvisor

    created on: Aug 06, 2012 | Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

    Tell us about your experiences with Kaya (sign up process, preparation) I first tried to organize this trip from a local agency in Geneva and unfortunately they could not find anything available fitting my requests. I was delighted to find Kaya while searching the web for a solution. You managed to identify a fantastic project for me and convinced the representative to accept me and my friend even …

  • Clare Downs: Wild Coast Schools Computer Literacy and Arts Project in South Africa

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    by: kayaadvisor

    created on: Aug 02, 2012 | Chintsa , South Africa

    What made you choose that particular project/country?  I volunteered here 5 years ago and have always wanted to go back. The place, the people and the children always stay in your heart.   Can you tell us about your experience in your accommodation?  The Vollie house is comfortable and warm. It is not slumming it by any stretch of the imagination. You have comfortable beds, running water and 3 meals a day. The added …

  • Victoria Zappia: Work at a Baby Shelter and Children’s Orphanage in Bolivia

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    by: kayaadvisor

    created on: Aug 02, 2012 | Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

    Victoria is from Canada and has volunteered a number of times before. With just a short space of time to spare, she made the exciting decision to join one of Kaya's projects in Bolivia for 2 weeks. Why did you choose Kaya? I chose Kaya because it had programs that were reasonably priced and from the mission statement it seemed like an organization that wasn’t just concerned about making a profit, but …

  • Kaya Volunteer Summer 2012 Photo Contest

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    Kaya Volunteer

    by: Kaya Volunteer

    created on: Jun 29, 2012 | United Kingdom

    Do you have awesome photos from traveling abroad? Submit them for Kaya Volunteer’s Summer 2012 Photo Contest! Use the following categories to guide you in submitting your photos. There will be one overall winner selected. Limit of 5 photos per entrant. You must own the photo or have permission to use it. Entrants also agree that Kaya Volunteer may use the photos for marketing purposes. CATEGORIES: Submit your best travel photo …

  • First Post!

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    by: CatherineMelissaHawkesBlackburn

    created on: Jun 16, 2012 | Tacloban City, Philippines

    So today is my first day in the Philippines, and it has been the longest day ever! After getting up at 6, getting a coach, and three flights I'm exhausted, but I can't wait to go exploring tomorrow! On the first plane to Malaysia I had loads of space and got chatting to a Malaysian girl who was heading home, which made the journey much more fun! And Malaysia has …