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  • First day in S. Africa


    by: CarwynJones

    created on: Sep 29, 2013 | Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    Cheryl and I arrived today in Port Elizabeth in S. Africa at last from our very long (nearly missedb) flight from the UK. We are in the gorgious game reserve and start our volunteer work tomorrow. meant to be a rubbosh search 1st thing but then we get to hang out with a lion cub! im hoping we get to do some stuff with the elephants tomorrow  We'll try to blog often! bed …

  • The Importance of a Travel Journal


    by: HannahUtley

    created on: Sep 04, 2013 | Manchester, United Kingdom

    So it’s been a whole two years since I travelled out to Kenya and Tanzania to start my volunteer experience abroad. Time has gone by so quickly, with the mad rush of coming back to the UK, moving into a new home and finding a job I’ve barely had time to think about my experiences volunteering abroad! Memories flooded back to me when I was tidying out my studio just last …

  • Best start packing


    by: AbigailKinder

    created on: Sep 03, 2013 | Leeds, United Kingdom

    So it's not long to go know, in 2 days time i will be boarding the plane and jetting off to the Philippines hoping to make a difference. I've not really thought about how far i'm travelling and the journey its self but it's just hit me that i'm finally venturing outside of Europe and doing something worth while (very excited)... Suppose I should start packing really! More to come....

  • 5 months


    by: AnnaMariaFredriksson

    created on: Aug 29, 2013 | Stockholm, Sweden

    In 5 months the biggest adventure in my life will start. I'm quitting my job, leaving my friends and family to pursue my passion for Marine conservation. First step will be a course at New Heaven Diveschool on Koh Tao, feels a bit like coming home. I'm excited, scared as hell and so much looking forward to it. If it wasn't for Kaya and New heaven I would never have had the courage to …

  • Making the most of your host country: Soaking up the culture.

    journal photo

    by: SarahBrown

    created on: Jul 29, 2013 | Cusco, Peru

    Kaya staff all have a passion for travelling and experiencing the countries we send volunteers to, so that we have the best first hand advice to offer you. My name is Sarah Brown, marketing coordinator, and I’m keen to share my recent experiences to those prospective Peru volunteers! Many volunteers doing a project in Cusco, will fly into Lima and then connect. Although there are safety considerations, I found Lima to …

  • July 22 - Day 2


    by: KennethSmith

    created on: Jul 22, 2013 | San Pedro, Costa Rica

    Hey everyone, It is my second day in San Pedro Costa Rica.  I have been working closey with CRLA, the Costa Rican Language Academy.  The host family is very nice and so are the other people of CRLA that have been helping me out and giving instructions. I just finished orientation and leave for my project in Tortuguero tomorrow morning.  Kent

  • SISS


    by: IbinaboLawson

    created on: Jun 17, 2013 | Accra, Ghana

    It has been a week exactly since I arrived in Accra and its been a good week so far .I started work last week Wednesday as my project was changed last minute by Kaya. ( bites tongue)Been hopping on and off the Tro tro (bus)to get to work no oystercard tapping strictly pesewas hehehe it's so convenient though at first I was really scared.But anyway I am currently working with …

  • Akwaaba


    by: IbinaboLawson

    created on: Jun 11, 2013 | Accra, Ghana

    Howdyy!!!! So I arrived safely in Accra Saturday night (very late after a long journey from London to Lisbon then Lisbon to Accra with delays. My first impression of Accra was WOW this place is hot is was 10:40 pm and the temperature was  27 degrees Celsius very humid and little or no breeze. As I arrived at the kotoka airport I was welcomed by officials and porters who were very friendly …

  • San Juan Nutrition Project, Philippines


    by: EmmaLeek

    created on: Jun 08, 2013 | Tacloban City, Philippines

    My first week has flown by; I am not sure where the time has gone! I have slowly settled in as everyone here is very friendly. My project coordinators, Ester and Odessa have been so helpful. I am a nutrition volunteer here in Tacloban City. To get to the feeding center which is near the town of Santa Fe, the main mode of transport involves taking a jeepney (usually you are …

  • June


    by: BethanyMatthews

    created on: Jun 07, 2013 | Surrey, England

    So its June and time has just been passing me like a flash! I booked the placement in november and already it has been 6 months since then! It feels like yesterday haha. So i booked my flights last month and my travel insurance, so they are all payed for :) I still need to raise 2000 though to actually finance the placement, should be alright though, i dont work …