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Volunteer on a project in Thailand and help to provide better lives and futures for women who have little or no resources, are forced to work in the sex trade. Based outside of Chiang Mai, it is a multi-faceted ...

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  • a grand piano and the worlds most painful legs.

    Travel Journal from Thailand Thailand | Mon Jun 18, 2012

    If you get a chance - take itIf it changes your life -let itNobody said that it would be easyThey just promised it would be worth it I read this today... Love it!Yesterday afternoon I went to chiang mai to stay overnight. I get 2days off a week but I tend to only take one off because I'd rather be around the girls! One of the other volunteers was also going …

    A grand piano and the worlds most painful legs.

  • Creative times and new ears!

    Travel Journal from Thailand Thailand | Thu Jun 14, 2012

    Yesterday was another great day at the shelter. I kinda have a routine to my day now. I'll get up, go for my morning bike ride, have a shower, eat breakfast and then the rest of the morning consists of planning activities and chilling out perhaps by reading or playing the guitar. Then after lunch we went to our local coffee shop for a planning meeting and by the time …

    A creative evening

  • Tears that were not mine!

    Travel Journal from Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand | Thu Jun 07, 2012

    I'm hoping yesterday was the last day for my random emotions as today I feel a bit more like my old self? I have been on 3 bike rides today and with the help of some Eva Cassidy in my iPod I was starting to feel a lot more familiar with myself again. Ive spent the day doing lots of reading and suddenly realised how nice it is to be …

    A change in emotions!

  • Leaving England

    Travel Journal from United Kingdom Brighton, United Kingdom | Thu May 31, 2012

    All ready to go! Haven't got time to write much ow but just to let you know I'm off! Tara!

    Ready... Set... Go!!!

  • At the shelter.

    Travel Journal from Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand | Sun Jun 03, 2012

    I stepped off the plane into the most sweltering heat I've ever experienced. The plane was delayed from Abu dhabi by 4 hours! I was relieved to finally be arriving in thailand! So... Here I am a plane journey, pink taxi, a tuk tuk, a sky train and a coach journey later, I've finally arrived at the sheltering chiang mai! I have just completed my first full day here on …

    Finally here!!!

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    • HannahKateWhitchurch's Profile Pic
      pinned HannahKateWhitchurch replied to First time kaya Volunteer 5 Years ago

      Hi Kim,

      I went on the same project with kaya last summer and it was a real life-changing experience for me. One of the huge benefits of going with Kaya is that they are so supportive throughout the whole experience. I found that I could talk to them about my worries and that they would go out of their way to make sure I felt confident and reassured, so I would Definetly say you are going with the right organisation. I have written lots of journals from my time at COSA on here which you are welcome to read and I will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

      The whole experience at COSA is a fond memory for me, the girls are completely precious and the whole Thai way of living is beautiful! I would Definetly say go prepared, have a few creative ideas up your sleeve!

      I'm so excited you're going and hope you have a wonderful time!
      Hannah-Kate xxx