Mozambique Project - Whale Shark and Manta Ray Conservation including Padi Diving Course

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Volunteer in Mozambique on the Whale Shark and Manta Ray Marine Conservation Project and help with hands-on whale shark research, coral reef monitoring, humpbacked whale monitoring and turtle nest surveys. ...

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Whale Shark and Manta Ray Conservation
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  • T minus 5 days...

    Travel Journal from Canada Vancouver, Canada | Mon Oct 29, 2012

    Not too much to say yet - I am just in the final few days before this trip to Africa. I booked this way back in the spring and can't believe how fast time went by! I think I am ready... I know a lot of you are old hat at this kind of travel but it's sort of a big huge first for me so I must say, a …

    The Mozambique Experience

  • The long road to Borneo

    Travel Journal from Malaysia Borneo, Malaysia | Mon Aug 08, 2011

    Working for Kaya in their Philippines office has meant that I’ve been lucky enough to have a number of escapes throughout Asia during my 9 months here. My latest was a trip down to Borneo to check out a new Marine Conservation Project working to help protect the coral reefs which have been affected by decades’ worth of fish bombing. My journey starts here...After a pedi cab ride, 2 jeepney …

    Checking out a New Coral Reef Conservation Project in Borneo

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      Hi guys!
      Thanks for the replies:) Didn't realize anyone had replied! I have managed to book my flights and arrive on the 4th, it's getting close now!

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      Oops I totally missed your first message! It's great to be getting to know you :)