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Nepal is where you will find some of the world's most beautiful landscapes and some of the poorest people of the world. Volunteers help to facilitate sustainable development for disadvantaged, marginalised, ...

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  • The long road to Borneo

    Travel Journal from Malaysia Borneo, Malaysia | Mon Aug 08, 2011

    Working for Kaya in their Philippines office has meant that I’ve been lucky enough to have a number of escapes throughout Asia during my 9 months here. My latest was a trip down to Borneo to check out a new Marine Conservation Project working to help protect the coral reefs which have been affected by decades’ worth of fish bombing. My journey starts here...After a pedi cab ride, 2 jeepney …

    Checking out a New Coral Reef Conservation Project in Borneo

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    • AnneRobertsEglin's Profile Pic
      pinned AnneRobertsEglin replied to Nepal (Sept-Oct) 2014 3 Years ago

      Hi Jose. I arrive in Kathmandu on Thursday and will staying in the volume house until Saturday when I go to the women's village farm. Hope to meet you then. Anne

    • VijayJayanti's Profile Pic
      pinned VijayJayanti replied to Kathmandu 4 Years ago

      Hi! My name is Vijay Jayanti, and I'm a doctor here in the USA finishing my residency training, and will be traveling to Kathmandu for a rotation at a local hospital through Kaya travel, and just wanted to hear about your experience volunteering in a hospital a few years ago. Any advice on things I should do, and/or how I should prepare? Thanks in advance!!