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Volunteers on all of our community based volunteer projects are all based in San Ignacio and the surrounding communities. San Ignacio, an attractive market town set among beautiful tropical hills, is referred ...

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  • Leaving for Belize tomorrow

    Travel Journal from Belize Belize City, Belize | Thu Apr 18, 2013

    I am leaving for Belize tomorrow evening and I am so excited. Teaching music overseas is a life dream of mine and I can't believe it is coming true! I am so thankful for this opportunity. I know the trip will be great, and I can't wait to get started! Emily 

    One day 'till Belize

  • Preparation to GO

    Travel Journal from Ireland Galway, Ireland | Wed May 04, 2011

    Only Hours left until i depart for Belize. I'm starting to feel the nerves now. All Packed and waiting for the clock to slowly tic down....

    Belize Adventure

  • Getting Ready...

    Travel Journal from United States New Jersey, United States | Thu Apr 15, 2010

    I am both excited and a bit nervous.  I can't believe I will be in Belize in 2 weeks!  I am finalizing my packing list and trying to make sure I have all the necessities for the 3 weeks that I will be away.   I will definitely try my best to make sure I keep everyone updated on my adventures and wonderful experiences. -Allison xo

    Volunteer Trip to Belize!

  • The long road to Borneo

    Travel Journal from Malaysia Borneo, Malaysia | Mon Aug 08, 2011

    Working for Kaya in their Philippines office has meant that I’ve been lucky enough to have a number of escapes throughout Asia during my 9 months here. My latest was a trip down to Borneo to check out a new Marine Conservation Project working to help protect the coral reefs which have been affected by decades’ worth of fish bombing. My journey starts here...After a pedi cab ride, 2 jeepney …

    Checking out a New Coral Reef Conservation Project in Borneo

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