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Hey guys!
I'm going to Ghana for 10 weeks this year and I am just looking for an idea of how much money anyone has spent while they were away and how long they were away for (if you dont mind me asking).
I understand different peoples spending habits vary but any idea on amounts would be very helpful as I have no idea how prices are over there.
I'm hoping to be a major tourist while im away if anyone has any personal experience they would like to share?
I am still trying to find my way around this website so i apologise if im speaking in the wrong place.

1 ErinBell 1 Year ago
by CleoBowen1

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    Erin - I was in Ghana for 4 weeks last year with Kaya. If you based in Accra you really won't need very much money. The volunteer house in Poukwase - it is off a main artery out of central Accra and close to bus and cabs - you hail them in the road. I probably spent about £250 in 4 weeks on actual living but I took cabs because the shared, community buses were swealtering and I was delivering business seminars so needed to look smart! Personal choice. I also indulged in having skirts and dressed made which probably ate about £40.
    Mrs Siaw (wife of the charity Director) sorted your eve meal (was included in price).
    Ghana is very cheap living but do be mindful that a non local is easy target for inflationary taxi rates which you will quickly get wise too.
    I also didn't travel in Ghana because I pretty much worked 26 days out of 28. If you want to get to the coast my volunteer pals all took buses from central Accra and stayed in hostels - again reasonable ££ by all accounts although not the height of luxe.
    There is a western style supermarket/mall not too far from the volunteer house. Much more expensive (relative to street vendors). Hope this helps. Ghana is wonderful Cleo Bowen