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What is your most embarrassing travel experience?

Accidentally gatecrashing a funeral in Thailand - we were looking for a street vendor to eat at and this one seemed really popular. We sat down and without ordering anything they started to bring us food. Lots of locals joined our table and there was a lot of excitement. About 15 minutes into our meal the lady next to me shows me a picture of her husband in a coffin and the situation became clear. OMG - this was a funeral! I texted a Thai friend to ask what we should do. She told us this would be a great honour for the family and we should leave them a small donation in an envelope when we left. They were so lovely and we were so embarrassed and the food was amazing, but I just had no appetite as soon as I realised the mistake. It was a great cultural experience though!!

  • 42 years old
  • From Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom
  • Currently in Manchester, United Kingdom
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