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My Thai Adventure begins

My Thai Adventure

Blog 2 of My Thai Adventure

Thailand Surin, Thailand  |  Mar 20, 2021
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So, My Thai Adventure has well and truly begun. It has taken a couple of weeks for this, my first  blog (coming to you from my new Nexus 7) as it's taken a while to find my feet - which are horribly swollen. Water retention or burrowing worms, I'm not sure which.

Daily life as part of the Surin Project ( is everything I expected from working as a volunteer and at times nothing like I anticipated. As I wrestled with a particularly stubborn weed in a field planted with elephant grass, I felt like an advert for a third sector volunteer project. Later that day, I sat on the purpose-build viewing platform observing the elephants at play swimming and felt like I was on a £3,000 safari.

The work here varies from planting and watering elephant grass, the staple diet of the huge beasts which eat 10% of their bodyweight daily, to building an exhibition stand out of bamboo so the work of the project can be shown to passing visitors.

A well-to-to Thai lady visiting from Bangkok pulled up in a swanky car with blacked-out windows and asked a bit about the project and as she parted thanked us for looking after the elephants. As they are held in such high regard by the Thai people, that was a huge compliment.

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