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First Experience Working Overseas - Australia

My thoughts, feelings, actions, and plans about my experiences in Australia and potential other destinations throughout the region. Along with my future long term plans of building a career working overseas.

Preparing to leave regular life.

United States Missouri, United States  |  May 05, 2014
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 I have decided to gain experience overseas in a work field where I have no experience whatsoever. 

After spending over a year researching and saving, I have decided to make a change in my life.  I have decided to gain experience overseas in a work field where I have no experience whatsoever.  I have chosen to travel to Australia, get a work visa, and work in an agriculture based work field.  I have never worked on a farm or ranch.  However, I have grown tried of life as I have known it.  I am afraid that if I do not push myself to do greater, then I will live in regret.  I will regret that I never did something that I always wanted to do.  

Traveling and living in Australia will give my an opportunity.  This opportunity will give me the chance to see if I enjoy living and working overseas.  It will give me the chance to see if I am able to endure the hardship of leaving home and doing something that I have never done.  Yet as scared as I am, I embrace this challenge.  I will do my best to suceed.  Worst case scenario, I figure out that I am unable to live and work abroad, and I spent approx. $5,000 for not.  Even if that is the case, it is better than wondering what could have happened.  

Australia is just the a major milestone in my long term plan.  

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    LindsayValentin has read RobertHunkins' journal and gave it a thumbs up Tue May 6, 2014
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    It's exciting to see it all happening for you Robert! I know you have an incredible experience and opportunity ahead.
  • Preparing to leave regular life.

    May 05, 2014
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