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Working for Kaya in their Philippines office has meant that I’ve been lucky enough to have a numb...

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  • Scavengers of the World’s Waste

    Tue Sep 13, 2011

    A rubbish truck approaches, full to the brim of unwanted, unused, foul and stinking trash. It begins to arch its load, preparing for tonnes of garbage to come crashing down on the heap left from its last visit. As it rears it back, children come running from all angles; they cling on to the side of…  Read More

  • A Wedding, All Inclusive and Safari in Kenya

    Thu Sep 01, 2011

    As I’m writing this, I’m suffering from an acute case of insomnia and jet lag or what I would more lovingly call as an I-cannot-get-back-to-normal feeling. Having been back from Mombassa now for the best part of a week, I’m still trying to recover from being whipped by the aggress…  Read More

  • Reaching the Heart of a Culture through Volunteering

    Thu Apr 07, 2011

    With the days still drawing in to an early close, thoughts around the country are wondering to the prospect of travelling abroad, to warmer and more exotic lands. A retreat, a trek, a beach holiday, whatever your drive to get through the cold months I’m sure it’s there, looming in the b…  Read More

  • How Disillusionment Leads to Great Things

    Thu Apr 07, 2011

    What makes us interested in international travel? For some it might be the lure of an exotic country, a recommendation from a friend or the need to flee the rain in the summer (as is often the case in the UK). For me, it was disillusionment with my degree, and the need to get out of London, so I lo…  Read More

  • The Positive Effects of Volunteering

    Thu Apr 07, 2011

    It is an age old debate: ‘should you have to pay to volunteer?’ and the recent media frenzy surrounding unethical and underhand volunteering projects has thrown this subject back in to question once again. With experts from left, right and centre offering up their own opinions on how lo…  Read More

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