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I've finally arrived in Borneo and have done some pretty aweasome things already in the 2 days I've been here.

First couple of days in Borneo

Malaysia Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia  |  Apr 06, 2011
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I'm now in Borneo! It's AMAZING! Merely flying over it is breathtaking enough.  with it's mass of meandering rivers, from the air it looks like a giant jigsaw puzzle.  Once on the ground it isn't any less magnificient.  When you get out of the city into the jungle, the towering trees laden with vines are spectacular.

One of my first stops is an orangutan rehabilitation centre.  This is not going to be a volunteer project, rather a stop on one of the responsible tours that we are going to be offering in Borneo.

The centre rescues orangutans that have been kept illeagally as pets and rehabilitates them so that they can be released into the wild.  Next door s a rescue centre for sun bears.  This is eventually going to be a volunteer project.  At the moment there are only going to be building projects for groups pf volunteers and also for skilled volunteers such as vets.  Once the centre is a bit more developed there will be opportunities for all volunteers and will be an awesome project once it's up and running properly.

The next day I head off to visit a project that is run solely by members of the local community for the local community.  It's 2 main aims are environmental conservation and regenerating the community.  All volunteers do a mixture of environmental environmental conservation and community work such as teaching, or refurbishing home and schools, and stay with homestay families in the local community.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to stay overnight but I did get the chance to meet a few of the local families who were super friendly and welcoming.

When working on the project all volunteers convene in the morning to be set their tasks.  Then each group hops in a boat to head off to their respective areas of work.  I really wish I had more time to spend here; it's such a great way of life, cruising down the river to work every morning!

My day fraws to a close far too quickly and reluctantly I return back to my accommodation to get ready to catch my flight tomorrow morning for my next experience...white water rafting.  Very excited!

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    Leoj has read MiraMoore's journal and gave it a thumbs up Thu Apr 7, 2011
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    Can't wait for your next update, Mira. It's wonderful that you're having fun while working. :D Cheers, mate!