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Curry for breakfast on a train in India

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On the way to Indonesia

Finally off on my journey and heading towards Indonesia

Philippines to Jakarta

Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia  |  Mar 28, 2011
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After my last minute dash to pack I'm finally on my way to Indonesia.  My experience so far has been great.  I've had to fly  via Jakarta to get to Manada (my final destination), and everyone I've met along the way has been so friendly.  The Indonesian woman I sat next to on the plane invited me to stay at her house and said she would cook for me and show me around.  Unfortunately I had to declineas I'm on a pretty tight schedule for this trip but I was touched by her generosity nonetheless.

Upon arriving in Indonesia, one thing I'm finding it very hard to get my head around is that I'm sat here with 1.5 million Indonesian rupiah in my purse.  This only equates to around 130 pounds but nevertheless when I went to the cash machine and hit the 1.5 million button, I half expected a man wearing a suit to walk out from behind the cash machine and ernestly  hand me a briefcase full of cash.  Alas, nothing so exciting happened, I just took the 15 100 thousand rupiah bills that the cash machine distributed and went along my way.

After spending the night in Jakarta I'm now excitedly waiting to board my plane to Manado.  I've already seen some pictures of the project I'm going to visit and it looks awesome.  It's going to be my first time visiting a wildlife project; I can't wait to get there and meet the orangutans, sun bears, monkeys, crocodiles, parrots and all the other amazing birds and animals that are taken care of at the centre.  Not long to go now!  Watch this space...

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    Leoj waved at MiraMoore's journal Mon Apr 11, 2011
    do wave
    Haha! I remember my first trip to Jakarta. I had my dollars converted, and got about three million rupiah. I was like, "holy sh..!" Talk about shock. :D
  • Philippines to Jakarta

    March 28, 2011
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