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  • 35 years old
  • From Carlisle, United Kingdom
  • Currently in Manchester, United Kingdom


I am fundraising to build a homeless family in the Philippines a home. I worked with this family when I was a volunteer in the Philippines and really want to be able to help them have a brighter future by having a home in which to raise their 4 children.

Fundraising to build a home for a homeless Filipino family

United Kingdom Manchester, United Kingdom  |  Jul 24, 2012
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Thanks for taking a look at what I’m doing!  Some of you will know me as you’ve most likely clicked through to this page via the Facebook message I sent out.  Some of you will not know me as you may be an existing or prospective Kaya volunteer just taking a look around. 

Whether you know me or not, I’ll explain a little more about who I am and what I’m fundraising for!

Back in 2008 I spent 6 months volunteering with street children in the Philippines.  Two years later I was lucky enough to get a job working for Kaya so I got to go back and visit the same projects that I volunteered on in the Philippines. 

This meant that I got to go back and visit all of the children that I worked with when I was a volunteer.  All of the children come from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds but most of them have basic homes to live in.  There was, however, one family for which this was not the case; the Macaraya family.  The family consists of a mother and father and 4 children: John-Paul (13 years) Nino Prince (12 years), Man-Man (10 years) and Apple (7 years).

At the moment they earn their living from selling food at a small market stall.  This market stall not only provides them with a small income but it is also their home as they sleep here at night as well.

The market is not a nice place to live.  It’s dirty and rat-infested and the stench of stale urine hangs constantly in the air.

I want to raise £4000 to build them a new home and then I’m also hoping to raise another £6000 to build more homes for other families in similar situations.

This isn’t something that I’m undertaking through my work at Kaya; it’s a totally personal project and something that I am doing in my own time and will receive no monetary or personal benefit from.  100% of the money I raise will go towards building this house in the Philippines, there are no administration charges or anything like that (apart from some small ones from the team in the Philippines who will be coordinating the build).

I am currently fundraising in a couple of ways.  I will be running 5kms on 11th August and I’m looking for people to sponsor me.  I know 5kms isn’t that far but for anyone who knows me you will know that I don’t do exercise so 5k’s is going to kill me!! 

If you would like to sponsor me you can do so by clicking on the link below:


Also, I am selling some of the pictures that I took whilst in the Philippines.  If you would like to buy one of my pictures you can take a look at the pictures in my album titled “Fundraising”. The photos are available in small (7x8 inches) and large (10x7 inches) and the prices are £5 each for the small pictures and £7 for the large pictures, plus the cost of postage and packaging.  What’s more, every third picture you buy is half price!  If you would like to buy one of my pictures please send a message through to me on mira@kayavolunteer.com

Thank you very much for your support  :)

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  • Fundraising to build a home for a homeless Filipino family

    July 24, 2012
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