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Dominican Republic. The real Dominican Republic

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Ecuador Adventure

A day by day description of my time in this beautiful part of South America

Day 13 (17-10-13)

Ecuador Puyo, Ecuador  |  Oct 17, 2013
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Today is my last working day here at Yanacocha and i've got to say, i'm really going to miss this place and the people who make it a success. They are doing such good work with the animals here and it's a very good set up and well run. Everyone has been really nice to me and accommodating with regards to my lack of Espanol! The food has been good, the weather has been......well, I am in the rainforest!! And the animals have been adorable, even the Caiman. But maybe not the millions of bugs i've encoutered during my stay. I must put a special shout out to Daniel and Charlotte (a couple from Oslo, Norway) who arrived the same day as me and are also leaving on Friday but not til later in the day. They have included me in what they've been doing in their free time and invited me on the trip on Sunday. Also Charlottes spanish is very good so she could explain what everyone was saying.

Work-wise, I did the rounds as usual but Elliott let me off doing too much extra on my last day. So now it's just packing up and making sure i've got everything ready for my 5 hour bus journey back to Quito tomorrow! :-(

This is my last journal entry. I hope you enjoyed reading them all. 

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