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My volunteering adventure in Udaipur, India 2012

Highlights and experiences from my trip to Udaipur India as a teaching assistant

First journal before setting off to Udaipur

United Kingdom Durham, United Kingdom  |  Oct 21, 2012
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First journal entry with only 5 days left before my long awaited trip to India, and eager to be on my way now.  I will be based in Udaipur Rajasthan for six weeks working as a Teaching assistant for Kaya and am looking forward to creating some wonderful memories, meeting lots of new friends on the journey as well as catching up with some old friends there too.  Second trip to India so I know how wonderful the country is and how beautiful Udaipur is - very excited to be going back and hope to continue the journals throughout my trip

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  • First journal before setting off to Udaipur

    October 21, 2012
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