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Ghana Accra, Ghana  |  Jun 18, 2013
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 Sodom and Gomorrah 

It has been a week exactly since I arrived in Accra and its been a good week so far .I started work last week Wednesday as my project was changed last minute by Kaya. ( bites tongue)Been hopping on and off the Tro tro (bus)to get to work no oystercard tapping strictly pesewas hehehe it's so convenient though at first I was really scared.But anyway I am currently working with an organisation called (SISS) self help initiative support services,the organisation help young people and adults aged 18-60 acquire vocational skills to increase employability.There are three departments I.T,Catering, hairdressing and batik (which is basically fabric designing).Wasn't quite sure where I would fit in as I am no expert in any of the four departments but I was informed that I will be giving two presentation workshops to the students on two topics (self confidence and human trafficking ).As part of the training each week two volunteers give presentations on topics that the students can learn from some examples of these topics are hygiene,environmental studies, managing money ,contraception,HIV,marketing,domestic violence and human trafficking etc.My day mainly consists of listening to presentations and working on my workshop presentation on PowerPoint. I very rarely interact with the students at this stage due to the hours I work,but  I was told that will be changing soon.The highlight of my week was going to the slum in agbogloshie referred to as 'sodom and Gomorrah'  a derogatory term used by the press because of the high crime rate in the area .The name sodom and Gomorrah derives from the bible, two ancient cities filled with so much sin that was eventually destroyed by God.I think its a little harsh to use those terms to describe a poverty stricken area where people are trying to get by. Anyway we went to visit some of SISS Past students who have successfully set up businesses after they had left SISS. The organisation usually sponsors outstanding students to set up their own business in the slums. It was good to see how well they have done for themselves.I also had the chance to actually walk around the slum and see what it is like. What I noticed was everybody was working or doing something constructive,I don't think I saw anybody idle (except the toddlers). They all seem like pretty hardworking people. I met two community leaders who told us a bit about how they represent the community and how they work with various organisations to improve the quality of life for people at agblogbloshie most especially the young people.Looking forward to my second week at work ,I also plan on sight seeing this week - Kwaku Nkrumah museum ,independence square and maybe the Zoo for now.(yes I'm only going for the monkeys) :D

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