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  • 27 years old
  • From Brighton, United Kingdom
  • Currently in Bangkok, Thailand

In Bangkok.


In Limbo...

Thailand Bangkok, Thailand  |  Jul 14, 2012
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I cant write a long journal because i have limited internet time here!

I just want to let you all know I am safe in Bangkok and of course I am missing the girls already but i am also excited to come home and see you all.

Bangkok is very different to chiang mai! Its a bit manic but i think its preparing me for england which is good.

I think i have said "mai ou ka" (meaning i dont want) at least 597 times! Everyone is harrassing me!!! haha! I had one man who was really pushing my buttons asking me if he could by me a dress! He had already paid for my drink, but i soon clocked on to who I was really faced with. Times like this when I wish my dad was here to kick him into shape.

Anyway, I have met an austrailian guy who is staying at the same hotel as me and we are gonna go find some lunch.

Mamma, I cannot wait to see you at the airport tomorrow! One more day and you are gonna get the biggest lovin' hug you have ever recieved!

See you all soon.

Much love

hk xxx

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  • In Limbo...

    July 14, 2012
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