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My last day at cosa...


Bye bye little bear...

Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  Jul 12, 2012
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Ok, so I'm going to write today as if I'm not leaving tomorrow. So I'm hoping this will be like a relatively normal journal... We'll see...So, I woke up and went on my morning bike ride. It's extra hot today, you know this because the fan is on 5 instead of the usual 3! Mel and I spent about an hour today pulling the ticks of the puppy. He has been poorly for a while but had improved recently, he was running around again and seemed to be a lot healthier. Until yesterday he started to look a lot worse. He was absolutely smothered in ticks, we must have pulled off at least 50! We all decided today that he would have to be put down if this tic shot he had today didn't work within the next couple of days. Sadly he has just died. :( we are all a rather sad about this because we have become quite attached to him. But at the same time we are relieved that he is no longer suffering. I'm glad that we were here to take care of him, the Thai people don't take much notice for pet care. But we had done everything we could to help him and are just glad he isn't suffering anymore. It will be sad though not seeing our little bear running around the shelter anymore! I'm glad that we pulled the ticks off, at least he has been buried tick free with some dignity! We will miss you little bear, you have been loved!The girls are just coming in from school so I am going to go and embrace my last evening with them. Speak soon.Love you all longtime!HK xxxx

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  • Bye bye little bear...

    July 12, 2012
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