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I'm creeping out...


Freaking out helped by a crazy camilla!

Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  Jul 11, 2012
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Ok, so I'm warning you now that these last journals that I will be writing this week are likely to be somewhat depressing and morbid to read because I'm starting to feel a tad strange. I knew I was going to feel sad about leaving but I didn't realise how strange I would feel. I have had a really great last couple of days and now I'm sitting in the coffee shop in mae rim with crazy camilla totally freaking out about leaving. I only have 2 nights left here at cosa before I go to Bangkok for my weekend and head home on Sunday! It's very hard to describe what's going on inside right now so I'm sorry if this makes no sense whatsoever. I'm a bit worried I'm being moody as well because no matter how hard I try and distract myself now I can't seem to get any relief from this strange emotion I'm experiencing.It's also the anniversary of my aunties death today and normally I would be doing something special with my mum today as we do each year to celebrate and be thankful for the amazing lady she is. I guess it could be fair to say that is adding somewhat to my uncomfortable feelings. Oh great and now just to lighten the situation... I have just witnessed a gecko eating a butterfly. That.is.sad. :(I don't even know what to say, I know I sound dramatic but to be honest I don't care because I have given everything I have in my heart to these girls at cosa and not once have I felt that I've lacked in being able to love them more. I might try and write later because camilla is distracting me every two seconds! ;) she has just tipped a glass of water over her own head because she is so hot and I'm laughing my head off! She's a 40... Sorry 39 year old woman and seriously I am considering whether she is the funniest person I have ever met! The only thing I'm worrying about is whether I am going to turn out as crazy as her when I get old...(er)! HahaRight, enough for now, I'm spending the afternoon packing all my stuff that won't fit into my suitcase... This could be interesting. I am seriously gonna go now because I'm clearly not giving camilla enough attention as she is doing gollum impressions from Lord of the rings. Could be time to get her back to the shelter perhaps? Seriously... Grown ups?!Love, love and more love HK xxx

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  • Freaking out helped by a crazy camilla!

    July 11, 2012
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