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A day with the elephants!


Big momma and breathtaking views!

Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  Jul 10, 2012
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Hello! :)So... I guess you are all itching to hear about my elephant ride as much as I'm itching from this barbaric mosquito bites! We had to be up and ready quite early today for when we got picked up. It was a really nice minibus though with good comfy seats so I managed to get some more kip on the way there. The drive to the elephant centre was so beautiful, especially as we got closer and closer to the jungle. Im a sucker for a good view! When we approached the entrance, slowly the elephants became in sight! To which everyone started oooooing and ahhhhing over! (including me.) We got out of the van and there was literally no hanging about, we were given our uniforms and taken straight to the feeding area to learn how to feed them! We were all a bit anxious at first because they are so big up close! But we soon got the hang of feeding them bananas! Then we learnt how to climb up on the elephant ! They are so clever they actually understand words! So we had to say "Nolong!" (don't quote me on the spelling as I don't have a clue, I'm just writing as its pronounced!) so anyway, when you say this word and the elephant lowers down for you to get on it! It was Definetly a bit daunting at first because they are so big! So we learned how we were going to control the huge beauties when it came to the trek through the jungle. We were given lunch and then had some time to chill out on this funky hammocks made out of bamboo... (I can't believe I've just said funky... I feel so old!) Now it was time for the big trek! Now that there were three of us, we were all going to be squeezed onto one elephant. I was beginning to wonder how that was going to work. Until they called us up first, telling us they had a special elephant for us because we were the only one in a 3. That's when we met Big Mom, her real name is mai yang but she is now nicknamed big mom. Three words to describe her... Big.... Fat..... Greedy! So we got up and I sat at the front to start with and began shouting the directions to her. As she stood up, we all squealed because she was noticeably bigger than the others and we were very high up! So the trek began and actually I felt so safe on her, she was really obedient and took the slopes very gently. Some of the slopes were more like right angle drops, that was rather exhilarating. We soon started to relax with her and then I felt it appropriate to give her the occasional song here and there and she clearly liked because she wagged her ears and gave a little jig with her trunk! The only issue was her appetite. Big mom loves her food and she stopped at least ten times to grab a snack! But seriously, she is the cutest elephant in the world and has so much character and kept us extremely well entertained! We did have a break halfway and I asked the others if they wanted to swap places and have a go at the front, they both said were too scared. But I know everyone enjoyed it! By the way... Again I have to mention that the views in the jungle were spectacular! Today has been a good day but now we are all knackered and gonna chill out for the rest of the evening. Goodnight... Love you all xxx

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  • Big momma and breathtaking views!

    July 10, 2012
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