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My last weekend in chiang mai.

Some of those awkward stories where you probably had to be there...

Chiang mai... I will miss you.

Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  Jul 10, 2012
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So far it has been a fun packed weekend of for us in chiang mai. Karli has arrived safely which has been great and both her, mel and myself have had some somewhat crazy adventures over the past 2 days.So yesterday we went to the night market (as you do) and got to show karli around and hopefully try and help her get a feel for the area. After a little bit of cheap shopping (mostly done by karli) we went to get a treat. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I have never had a waffle before, so thought I'd try one out... However although I'd picked chocolate chip flavour, I was not expecting the piece of sweet corn they had blessed me with. I couldn't believe it, it was literally just one piece of sweet corn in the middle of a chocolate chip waffle. Anyway I love sweet corn... But simply not in a waffle so I picked it out and threw it away! As we carried on walking (laughing over a piece of sweetcorn) I then warned karli to be careful in case hers had any in it, lo and behold she too had the precious blessing of a piece of sweetcorn. By this point we are cracking up and I'm beginning to question 'is this a Thai thing?!' very strange. Things got even better when mel got her treat with a mosquito in it! Good times! Anyway, no kiwi juice for my last time in chiang mai :( they had ran out... Probably because I drank it all but yeah I was a tad saddened by this. So, we made our way back to the guesthouse and find the gates are shut, to which mel decides to take control by pushing a gate that is meant to slide... The night guard wasn't too pleased but he soon fixed it! Today has been packed with lots of fun things. I didn't get much sleep last night and so overslept! Poor mel and karli were trying to wake me for ages! Anyway, we went on to town and after breakfast went to have a massage. It was really good but you know when you put your face in the hole, they had a little bowl of aroma stuff underneath (I guess to help clear the airways) well... It did just that... I was so relaxed that at one point I opened my eyes to find I was drooling into the bowl! I'm so disgusting! So glad no one else could witness this as it was under the table, but even so, slightly awkward. In this particular place they also made us wear this disposable pants... They were literally like nappies! It doesn't get more uncomfortable than that!We have just been to the other night market and shared some more laughter! We decided to go and watch the ladyboys show, it's a really big thing here in Thailand. It was good fun but very strange to be hearing songs from home! Tomorrow is our elephant day which I am too over excited about and I don't think I'm gonna get much sleep tonight either because I'm like a kid in a candy shop right now! I will let you know all about it tomorrow! :)It's 5 days until I'm home and it's started to really hit me today. I have started to realise how much I love Thailand. It was hard to adjust to at first but it has honestly been the best experience of my life so far. Don't worry I will save the emotional speech for my last day! ;) As for now, I suppose I need to try and get some kip, I can't afford to lie in tomorrow! Much love to you all and i know I go on about how I don't want to leave but I am really excited to see you all again!Until tomorrow ;) HK xxx

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  • Chiang mai... I will miss you.

    July 10, 2012
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