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Just another Saturday... :)

Finally got a tan... :)

Getting a tan, peanut butter Oreos and a few other recognitions.

Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  Jul 07, 2012
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So I have had a full on day of joy today! I was woken up by a crying little girl early this morning who was crying because she'd cut her foot on something. So I wobble out of bed half asleep and immediately have to wake myself up to start the day. When I'd fixed her with a plaster and was ready to send her on her way and secretly go back to bed, she said "can I lean on you?" at first I was like ' what is this girl talking about?' anyway it immediately put that song into my head and I felt it appropriate to make her laugh by singing lean on me! Anyway, it turned out she just wanted a cuddle, very cute! I might even use that phrase when I get home... Can I lean on you? Haha love it. So yes, I was up and at it by half 7 today! I did this mornings lesson with both the younger community kids and our younger girls, it went well but I had to do a lot of planning to meet the three different levels of English and to be honest the plan went out the window in the end as they get distracted after an hour! We have a Norwegian volunteer with us at the moment who is absolutely hilarious and we got her to do a presentation with the older girls about Norway today. Luckily she is doing it for all the younger ones tomorrow, so I will get a chance to watch! ;) We went to the shop after lunch to do the big shop for food. I actually like Thai supermarkets, they are so chilled and people just stroll around with their trolleys; not like our tescos where everyone's on a mission to get in and out at quickly as they can and try and knock as many people down as they can with their trolleys on their way around. When we got back I committed myself to a heart to heart afternoon with the sun! And I am pleased to say at last I am getting some hardcore tan lines! About time too! After a couple of hours I couldn't take anymore so I went in. Just as well I did because then it rained the hardest I've ever seen it rain here! Usually, the girls would run inside and hide from the rain but on is occasion it seemed to have the opposite effect! (sorry to interrupt and I know this is random but I have a bite on my eyebrow and it's so gross cos when I look up I can see my vision is slightly restricted because of the fat brow!) ahem... Anyway, so yeah all the girls went hyper and starting running around the yard like they'd never been outside before! I had never seen them so excited about rain! Very strange! For once in my life Im so super organised! Thailand seems to have the effect of clearing peoples minds of all their issues! I am pretty sure i had plenty of things i was worrying about when i was at home but the truth is i cant remember them! (if you know what they are then please don't remind me!) seriously i need to go abroad more often just to give the brain a clearout!  Anyway, I've started writing a to do list of the things I need to dowhen I get home. There are gonna be some changes happening with me, so watch this space! :)I have spent all evening running around with kids jumping on me. The youngest one reminds me of my niece an awful lot. This bit is for you Millie! When you were a bit younger you used hold my hands and climb up my legs and do a little back flip. I taught New how to do this today and let her know that it's what my niece does! :)So tomorrow, karli is arriving at some other ridiculous hour of the morning and I'm quite excited to meet her! Also I'm off to chiang mai again tomorrow for 2 nights but I plan to spend all my time around the girls for my last few days! Did I mention I'm Spending the day with the elephants on tuesday???? ;) sooooooo excited!!!!! But right now, I'm sitting with the other volunteers watching ice age because we are cool and enjoying the luxury of peanut butter Oreos (one of my new favourite things ever!) and chocolate icecream. Bliss! Well, I'm off for now but no doubt will have lots to say once Tuesday is over! Xxx

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  • Getting a tan, peanut butter Oreos and a few other recognitions.

    July 07, 2012
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