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Sitting in the cafe :)

Just some random shenanigans!

A cockroach and some more random trails of thoughts.

Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  Jul 06, 2012
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So I'm sitting in the coffee shop in our village as I write this. I come here sometimes to write and enjoy some mango and sticky rice. The ladies are so sweet here, they get my drink and they turn the fan to my direction. It's really hot today so I'm hoping the sun is going to work some magic on my skin too! I'm so friggin excited about my last week as there's some great things happening! Firstly, karli is arriving on Sunday! I am itching to meet her! Oh my goodness I'm such a freak and probably only my sisters will understand this but I'm now coming up with all these Anne of green gables quotes when anne is speaking in reference to her relationships with her friends. It won't be funny if I write them on here so for those of you who don't have a clue what I'm talking about please oh please do me a favour and watch Anne of green gables! So anyway, I basically can't wait to meet karli because we've spoken for quite a while now and I'm really looking forward to sharing part of this adventure with her.I'm also excited obviously about the elephant ride... I'm so sad that I even dreamt about it last night! Oh my word last night!!! I've just remembered something... Do we have cockroaches in England? If so I don't think I've ever seen one because one of the volunteers came out from the bathroom last night and said "just to warn everyone, there is a cockroach in the bathroom." I was so excited I ran in there to take a good look as I told her I had never seen one before to which she was disgusted with me for. 'ahhhh isn't it cute.' I say as it sits there not moving. Then another volunteer comes in and says "I will take it outside." so I stood watching like the annoyingly inquisitive person I am and then it suddenly moved... All I wanna say is those things are fast! Within a split second I turned into a wussy girl and ran around in hysterics screaming "no, don't let it get my toes!" to which another volunteer says 'they don't bite!" i was adamant that they do. "won't it nip my feet?" I ask. "no, that's a scorpion Hannah!" I am so ashamed! So whilst I was poorly the mozzys stopped biting me, but now they are back and I'm covered once again in their ferocious bites. Soooo annoying, whenever new (our youngest girl at cosa) sees them near me she will swat them! It's good to know someone's got your back, even if they are only 5 years old! Haha!The half an hour shower of rain we get everyday has just started. It's so strange it rains buckets for never more than half an hour and then it goes back to the sweltering heat again! Sorry I keep getting distracted by it, I like the sound of it on the bamboo roof! :) oooo it's stopping already, that lasted less than 5 minutes! Sorry for the boring information, I tend to speak as I think. Ok this is random but I'm so confused, I've just been listening to Thai music in this cafe and now ushers song has come on. A song that my housemates and I often grace our neighbours ears with... I'm now singing along... Going noooooowhere fast... HaahaaOk, this blog is not really going anywhere special so I will love you and leave you for now.HK xxx

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    HannahKateWhitchurch's journal made KarliRydl smile Fri Jul 6, 2012
    do smile
    awe!!! almost there!! btw I'm terrified of cockroaches so I'm warning you that ill probably scream when i see one lol
  • A cockroach and some more random trails of thoughts.

    July 06, 2012
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