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Loving life.

Keep smiling because life is such a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about -Marilyn Monroe

Elephants and freedom! :)

Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  Jul 05, 2012
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Ok so this is crazy but I have just had a thought... I know amazing right?! But seriously this time next week I will be saying my last goodbyes to the girls as I won't see them on the Friday because they leave for school at some rediculous unsociable hour, I've heard they call it 7.30 am! Whatever it is it sounds horrific to me! ;) haha. But yeah I literally have a week left here at cosa before heading to Bangkok for a weekend and then eventually heading home! Ok... So I've been told that even though I wanted to mentally prepare myself to come home apparently I shouldn't bother and just keep enjoying everything. So I will blame those people when I am a blubbering mess when I get home! On a cheerier note mel and I have booked our elephant day training thing for Monday! I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself! Ask any of my housemates about my obsession with elephants and they will have plenty to say. ;)I've always wanted to ride an elephant and now I get to spend a whole day surrounded but the beautiful beasts! Ahhhhh I'm soooooexcited!!!!! Wooooohoooooo... And breathe... Haha I'm sorry.We went back into the school today to do some more teaching, they were asking after me in the morning so I went back in the afternoon to do a lesson. Once again we were made to feel very welcomed and the children always stopped to say 'hello teacher' when they walked past us. They are very respectful of their teachers here, not like England! By the way we went on the motorbike again today and I'm still secretly like a child holding my arms out in the air and breathing in the freedom that I feel! LOVE IT!!! I keep stopping when I'm writing so I'm sorry that nothing flows. I'm just looking out the window at some of the girls who are by the way very talented chefs! They are always getting involved with cooking and my word don't they do a good job! Anyway, so I get moments where I look at them and literally just want to grab them and squeeze the life out of them! I'm going to teach them to make an apple crumble tomorrow. I did think about doing my auntie puds' (yes her name is nicknamed after puddings because she has a very sweet tooth!) famous cheesecake but there's no way I could do it justice. I have played the game sorry about 50 billion times since I've been here and I've just heard the little voice at the door again 'we play sorry, you and me!' ahhhhhhh.... The voice is cute so I give in.Love you all  xxx

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  • Elephants and freedom! :)

    July 05, 2012
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