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Teaching in the local school and being treated like celebrities..

Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  Jul 04, 2012
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Hello again!So, mel and I enjoyed a lovely weekend off in chiang mai. We went along to that different market on the Monday night but it turned out to be a lot more manic than the Sunday one, so we weren't that keen. We both got quite harassed by the sellers, to which one point I literally had to drag mel to get away from this man! Ooooo, so we were in this shop and I just happened to spot some weighing scales, so had a cheeky go just to see if I'd lost any weight since I've been here... Lo and behold I can gladly announce I've lost over a stone! :):) Anyway, so today and tomorrow we have been invited to teach English at one of the local schools. Two of us went today and the other two will go tomorrow. It was a really good morning, the kids English was quite basic but we still managed to do some simple role-play with them. Then when we had our break, we sat outside to plan our next lesson and one of the teachers came up to us and said that the director would like to invite us to stay for lunch. It turned out they were having a special lunch and lots of the pupils did some song and dance and gave speeches is various languages. At the end we were then asked to have our picture taken with the dancers, I guess because we are westerners! I really enjoyed it, the kids did really well and the food was great. However, they don't half stuff our gobs! They couldn't have offered us more food if they tried. They had already given us 3 "snacks" in the break which consisted of  croissants, chocolate wafer things AND chocolate cake. So when it came to lunch I was like sitting there thinking but we already ate?! Yeah so today I probably put on that stone that i lost! HahaWe are probably going out for a drink tonight as its independence day and we have an american volunteer here at the moment. I'm laughing right now because there is a small gecko on mels pillow... I won't tell her that because I know she won't sleep tonight otherwise! Ok I'm now in hysterics because I just had a glance around the walls to see if any other geckos were out and about tonight and there are 6 of them. Two who are chasing each other, the one on the pillow, tailless jerry, another tailless gecko that got its tail cut off yesterday by another volunteer trying to catch it in a net, and the one sitting above my head. Sorry, I don't know why I'm telling you about this. The girls have been having another creative evening, I've spent half of my night trying to untangle a ball of wool for the on of the younger ones who had got herself into a bit of a pickle. Random thing but I'm starting to speak more Thai and without thinking about it. I'm still very basic but I am loving being able to communicate in full conversation with the girls, even if it is just basic stuff. I think I'd like to keep learning when I get home because OBVIOUSLY I will be coming back some day ;).Righto, so I'm going to share some more love and I will no doubt be in touch again soon. Mucho loveo! HK xxx

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  • Teaching in the local school and being treated like celebrities..

    July 04, 2012
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