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Mel and Hannah-Kate's fab weekend!

Another weekend in chiang mai and a few important reflections.

Mel comes to town! :)

Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  Jul 02, 2012
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Another great weekend off! So mel and I headed of to chiang mai on Sunday afternoon and got to the guesthouse to drop our stuff off before heading out again. It feels weird me showing someone else around chiang mai as it has usually been me looking like a tourist! The town felt so big when I first came and now I'm walking around as if it's sunny Brighton. So, of course we went to the night market and strolled around eating awesome food and drinking awesome kiwi juice! Standard. I insisted that mel tried some coconut ice cream, she liked! :)Today, we went to the craft shop and got some stuff for the girls. I got slightly over excited because its a 3 story shop and its like being in creative heaven... Just the place for a creative therapist! And just to put the cherry on the cake, the top floor has some instruments! So I pegged it up the stairs only to see that there were signs everywhere saying do not play this or that. :( which has just reminded me of something, so back at the shelter I found like 10 recorders! These small pleasures are very exciting! :) I'm determined to master it by the time I get home! Also, I found my harmonica at the bottom of my bag and ran out to show the girls, one girl 'Gung' took particular interest in it and kept saying how beautiful it is. "you teach me hanNah?" she said. Anyway, so I think I'm going to need a new one when I get back because she loves it! Ok, back to today...Afterwards we came back to the guesthouse and had a heart to heart about how awesome our girls are and went over some Thai phrases. Then we went for lunch in this cute little cafe where we sat outside and found out more about each other. From there We went to a women's prison where they give massages. It's a really good cause because the prisoners get to learn the trade of massage therapy and the money we pay gets put into a pot and given to them when they leave prison, to help them start their new lives. They were all extremely professional and it was a lovely atmosphere and of course the massage was amazing! So next week mel and I are planning to go to an elephant place where we can spend the day with them and I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this!!! Today I miss the girls already and I've only been away from them for one night. They have certainly got so much of my heart right now that I don't know how much I will have left to bring home! ;) in all honesty, as much as I love you all and I am so SO grateful for the smashing people back in my life at home, Everything feels so right here that it hurts to think of leaving. Ive learnt a lot about who i really am and whats really important and i don't want to lose that when i get home. I'm trying not to dwell on it too much because I want to embrace and enjoy every second of being here, but I also want to be prepared to come back to reality. I hope that you will support me in this because if I'm a blubbering mess when I get home, it's nothing personal it's just that I could find it a bit challenging. Ok enough of the morbid stuff, lets crack on. Tonight we are going to go for a nice meal and then apparently there is another market in the old part of chiang mai, so we might go and seek that one out! I feel so grateful for my life right now that I could burst! One happy girl indeed! :)So... I guess it's Tata for now! Until next time...Love and so much more loveHK xxx

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    KarliRydl wrote: Mon Jul 2, 2012
    Gah! I'm so jealous right now, you have no idea!!! And don't worry, you won't forget anything that you've learned and felt in Thailand because you are a person that lives to help others and people like that don't forget! It'll stay with you forever :) I'm so excited to be almost there to share the experience with you!!
  • Mel comes to town! :)

    July 02, 2012
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