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Back to normal! :)

Also contains a slightly traumatising yet triumphant story of two geckos!

Tom and Jerry.

Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  Jun 30, 2012
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Today has been a positively uplifting day, I'm finally starting to feel better and my ears seem to be hearing normal sounds again which is encouraging! We have a new volunteer from new zealand who joined us on Tuesday and she's really lovely. She has asked if she can come with me for my nights off in  Chiang mai this weekend. I said "well as long as you can put up with a lot of kiwi juice and endless thai massages then yes you may!" ;) the only thing is she's a psychologist so I'm trying to act incredibly sane... Not an easy task to do! Heehee.I taught the same group of kids this morning as I did last week plus a few extras and when I went over last weeks session, they remembered virtually everything! I was so pleased! It's so rewarding to see! Today I feel a bit sick of rice, I don't usually mind but everyone gets a moment every now and then when they just don't fancy rice! I'd love a good slab of British cheese or some fat Brucey-like chocolate cake! Or even better put them both together... Chocolate Cheesecake... Mmmmmm... Ahem... Moving on before the water in my mouth starts drooling... We have a new girl who arrived at cosa today; another heartbreaking story. She's very timid, understandably. She looks so tired and fragile, I literally want to shower her with kindness but I don't know how to start. I have managed to have a brief conversation with her to welcome her here and let her know to just ask if she needs anything but she does look very frightened. Excuse me for turning this into a heart to heart, but sometimes you can almost forget what these girls have been through, although they of course at times experience difficult emotions and feelings, they are actually also very happy here at cosa. I'm adamant that she will settle in soon as she does know a couple of the girls already from school. I guess everything's just a bit roar when you first come in, I can totally understand that.On a lighter note, I totally have to tell you about Tom and jerry. First thing you need to know; they are geckos. Second thing, Tom -big, jerry -small. Third thing, they chase each other all the time just like the cartoon characters. So I've spent so many nights chuckling my head off watching them scurrying across the ceilings and along the floors. Originally I thought it was just an innocent game of chase, hence the laughter. Until last night... Things turned very dangerous! Mel, (new volunteer) is terrified of reptiles, she's really not getting along with these geckos! Anyway so last night, the two of us were sitting on the sofa until she started freaking out because jerry ran out across the floor. We were then engrossed as Tom came out on a mission once again to chase little jerry. Jerry made it up the wall and onto the ceiling but then Tom came up very close behind him and almost caught him. We did not expect to see what happened next... Tom ate jerry!!! Literally shoved the whole thing in its mouth right before our eyes! I felt traumatised! I didn't know they were out to eat each other otherwise I would've offered Tom an oreo...Anything but this! I took a picture of tom and half of Jerry's head hanging out of toms mouth and we just laughed in shock! Until the extraordinary happened! Jerry jumps out of toms mouth! Literally! It all happened so quickly, I took another snap and then they both fell to the floor... To which then as you could imagine, mel starts screaming and jumps onto the sofa. Tom runs off somewhere totally freaked out by mels piercing scream and jerry is there on the floor.... Tailless! At this point I'm still laughing! The tail was wriggling around on the floor for a while... Gross. He then went merrily on his way again. 2 major lessons learnt. Number 1 -don't be sad like me and name the geckos, you'll become way too attached to them. And number 2-NEVER underestimate the power of Jerry!Tomorrow we are going to do some fun games activities all morning, so I'm excited to have the excuse of playing stuck in the mud and other awesome childhood games! Thanks again to everyone who's been sending me lovely messages, it's so encouraging!Love and peaceHK xxx 

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  • Tom and Jerry.

    June 30, 2012
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