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Just another beautiful day.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didnt do Than by the ones you did do. So throw of the bowlines? Sail away from the harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. dream. discover. H Jackson brown jnr

Goodbye Sandra and hello to new beautiful experiences.

Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  Jun 24, 2012
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Another very busy day Morning at the shelter today! Our cosa girls went swimming so 4 volunteers went with them and then we had lots of the community kids coming in for English lessons, so I took the younger ones and another volunteer took the older ones. At first it was going really well, they were quite young and really didn't know much at all... So so realised I needed to go back to basics with them. So we learnt how to count to 30 and we also learnt the alphabet. It took a while because the aim is not just that they learn to speak English, but that they learn to write it too! So we wrote out the alphabet and then to help them remember it I taught them the alphabet song. So like I said it was all going really well and I felt like we were getting somewhere. And then some more kids showed up who were kind of bang in between the age of the kids I had and the kids the other volunteer had, anyway they ended up with me. Their English was a lot more advanced than the kids I had so they were answering all the questions and I was trying to give them some more stimulating challenges to do like write down as many things that you can see around the shelter beginning with t etc etc. anyway, so I managed to get the younger ones back on track and then another family turn up with a young girl and an older girl. This younger girl had no English skills whatsoever! So I was now dealing with 3 different levels of English which became virtually impossible! I was definitely challenged this morning but I've suggested this week we try and arrange activities for the different levels because it doesn't work when they are all put together. This afternoon has been quite chilled out, the girls have been getting on with their homework and ironing and we've just been for a nice walk and read books for the afternoon. I'm now in chiang mai again for my night off. It's nice to get away for a night to have a change of scenery and also because I need to rest! My dad sent me a great message this morning 'your not god, you're only superhuman!' too right dad!;)The twin has gone on holiday today so it will be weird not talking to him for a week! I did get to speak to him on Skype last night before he went though so that's good. I also spoke to my good friend sorrell which is always a delight in my life! Love that girl! This afternoon some of the girls had these pots of bubbles, so the garden looked amazing with millions of bubbles floating around! Random piece of information I know but I have to take note of the beautiful moments for my own benefit too!Also... Another random thing, Fah, who I wrote about yesterday was wearing a tshirt today that said on it 'love and peace' a phrase that I use a lot, so that made me smile.So in the afternoon we said goodbye to the Aussie girls as they leave tomorrow and the rest of us headed off to chiang mai. Sandra, who is the sweetest lady ever that I wanna put in my pocket and bring home with me (not that I'm a fan of human trafficking but you know!) shes also leaving today :( I will miss her because some mornings I come outside to where the dinner tables are and she's sitting there with her camera at the ready and her cup of coffee smiling away and I always end up getting some great words of wisdom from her and love listening to her stories. She really is a lovely woman. So when we had to say goodbye today she broke my heart with these words 'keep sharing your love with the girls because you can see it, it just pours out of you.' I'm hoping she will read this journal when she gets home because I want her to know that I've got a lot of love and time for her and she is such a joy to be around. She seems to understand the depth of me that some people don't always get. She gives the best hugs too! I have to keep in touch with Sandra, I will!So I got into the guest house that I stayed in last week and I still haven't decided whether to stay 1 or 2nights but I guess I will figure that out tomorrow. I have a double room all to myself, a balcony that I sit on and drink endlessly on whilst i have a hardcore scour for talented choirs on youtube! I'm actually in the same room I was in last time except I've got it all to myself! :) so I have pushed the beds together and made it into a double bed hahaha! I have been to the market and this is where I need Mira and H to listen very carefully...They both know that I said I don't like massages, I get ridiculously self conscious and I seem to also find it absolutely hilarious, so embarrassing when you are supposed to be calm and relaxed and then you've got me who's giggling like no tomorrow. Not cool! Anyway... Mira and H will be pleased to know that I overcame my fear and went a got a massage... This is where they win once again because I absolutely loved it! Thailand is changing me!!! I did laugh for like a minute but then I totally got lost in it! Anyone going to Thailand has GOT to have a Thai massage! So another brownie point to you guys! ;)I went to market (not to buy a fat pig)... Eugh I'm such a dork, I blame it on the ears. Ahem... Now I'm I'll and delusional because my minds gone blank! I strolled around, embracing the music and beautifulness (new word) and then I stopped at my 'usual' coffee shop where the hot guy says 'ah kiwi juice for English lady!' I just nod and smile :). He also gives me cake, Definitely a keeper that one! ;) so I sit at my table by the window and do some people watching whilst I devour these things and an old American man comes up to me... "how do I get myself one of those?" he said, pointing to my drink, I said "this is something you have to try!" and told him to sit down. So I went and ordered him a kiwi juice and we sat for I don't know how long nattering. He shared his story with me and once again I was inspired by another beautiful soul! He also really liked the kiwi juice and asked if he could buy us another one... It would've been rude not to right?! ;)So after another little stroll around and realising that I really needed a wee, I made my way back and this ones for you mum... I saw one of my kind! To which we smiled at each other at the realisation we were both cleftys, standard!So I'm nearly back at the guesthouse but there's one last stop I have to make. Next door to where I'm staying is the prettiest shop that kind of looks like my idea of fairyland and they sell random beautiful things really cheaply. I always pop my head in because the lady is so lovely and they have a table where she gets me to sit down and have a drink. Anyway, as I came out she said Thankyou about 50 billion times and then as I was turning the corner, I heard her shout "come back soon beautiful!" in a very Thai accent! I turned around and waved at her with the biggest grin I think I've ever given. I think this is the longest journal ever but I just don't want to forget these things so I'm making the most of it by writing it all down so I'm sorry if it's a bit boring for you who read this and probably think that you can't believe you've just wasted the last 10 minutes of your life reading this! Anyway, I'm back in my room now with a happy face and heart full to the brim with contentment. :)I love you all!!!Love and peace ;)HK xxx

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  • Goodbye Sandra and hello to new beautiful experiences.

    June 24, 2012
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