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A loooooong day!

This journal might not make sense because I'm tired! So I'm sorry in advance!

The wonderful fah and the hope of ear amputation.

Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  Jun 23, 2012
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I've had quite a busy day after about 2 and a half hours sleep last night! As you know weekends here are our busiest times as the girls are around all day, plus we get some of the community kids coming in. Anyway so I got a message from nicci last night saying she would take me to the pharmacy first thing. When she arrived, she said shall we take the car or the motorbike? So... We took the motorbike (this time with helmets!) and made our way to the pharmacy. I wish it was so simple in England... We literally walked in and I was like I need antibiotics, she was like which ones and I listed all the options because I'm pretty sure I've tried all of them by now and she whipped it out and asked me what it was for, gave me some ear drops too and that was it and it all cost me just over £1!!! Whereas in England I have to go to the doctor almost every other week to tell them that I have an infection so that they then decide that I'm right and only THEN can I go to the chemist! Anyway basically I got the meds people! HahaWe got back to the shelter and if I'm honest I just wanted to flop on the sofa, my balance isn't too great with my ears being this dodgy and I'm still in a bit of pain which for some reason makes my eyes water. So I laid down for less that 5 minutes and I hear a knock at the door and a little voice saying "me want to play game"... No time for sickness round here!  Lol. So today, I've played games, given guitar lessons, knitting lessons, origami lessons... (one girl actually ended up teaching me origami because she's a pro!) The Australian volunteers are leaving on Monday so they wanted to do a sports day activity with the girls for the afternoon... I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to escape for a kip? No, no time for kips! Instead I was running around doing egg and spoon races, three legged races and being an obstacle for blind mans circuit. I love the girls, but I'm desperate to get my energy back! Tomorrow I'm going to chiang mai like last week and staying over 1 or possibly 2nights depending on how I feel. I'm hoping to take the time to rest and refuel and possibly consider having my ear amputated! ;) I have been writing up reports on a couple of the girls' progress which will then be sent to their sponsors as an update. Saijai was one of them, so I was able to write about her developing gift for music and there's one other girl that I wrote about who actually only arrived at the shelter a couple of days before I got here. She was brought straight out of a brothel and has come such an incredibly long way in the last few weeks, I'm so excited to see her really come out of her shell! We had a special dinner tonight because one of the volunteers who left last week came for dinner with her parents. Normally mickey eats in his house and we eat outside with the girls but, mickey made a big occasion of this evening which was a really nice surprise. Fah, who is our house manager and head cook went completely out of her way to make an amazing 3 course meal. I will come back to Fah in a minute because she's such a beautiful woman! So we had this meal and teamed up to justify our accents. We had Nicci and I who are British and then 2 Germans, 3 Australians, 1 Thai and 4 Americans! Anyway... So yeah, Fah! I want to mention her because she does so much for cosa that can sometimes go unnoticed and I hate that! Firstly, she has the most beautiful heart and even though I can't understand a word that comes out of her mouth, I feel like I'm understanding what she's trying to communicate. It's hard to explain. She has quite a story of her own but you wouldn't know it to look at her because she gives out the sweetest smiles! She lives here at cosa with her daughter ping who joins in with everything that the cosa girls do. Fah is such a joy to be around and I always try and make an extra effort to say thank-your and tell her how amazing she is because it's true and people don't say these things enough! There's a light in her eyes which makes me want to wrap my arms around her! One evening i actually did hug her because we had been out to a pub and ordered some soup and she went into their kitchen and made it herself! She does everything to the extra mile. So thankful for lovely Fah! Anyway, I'm very tired and so I'm gonna go and get some shut-eye! Hopefully!Goodnight England! Love HK xxx

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  • The wonderful fah and the hope of ear amputation.

    June 23, 2012
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