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  • Currently in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

South Africa - Cheryl & Carwyn - The Big 5 in Port Elizabeth & Arts and Craft/I.T Bus East London Projects

Adventures of working with the big five in Port Elizabeth for two weeks on the game reserve at Kwantu, then on to East London to work with the kids on an I.T bus on an arts and craft project for two weeks.

Day 2 South Africa

South Africa Port Elizabeth, South Africa  |  Oct 01, 2013
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Day two south Africa started at 5.50 do go on a dawn trail. Wrapped up in blankets and half asleep, saw some black and blue wilderbeasts a giraffe, the 3 types of boc. Still trying to track the lion and not much about, saw an incredible sunrise so was worth getting up that early. Today we went to the petting farm where we spent time brushing a horses maine, body and tail and she was very happy after and looked gorgeous flicking her hair in the wind. The petting farm had loads of rabbits and geese, some cute chicks and the baby mere cats were ace climbing all over us, little rascals they are. The best part of the day was looking after the baby white lion cub, she was so cool and like a dog sized cat, played lots with her till she got tired and fell asleep, these beasts sleep for 20 hours a day, that's a lot of sleeping. We went and worked on alien vegetation today, chopping hacking and ripping out trees that are not good for the area. Was about 32 deg today and really felt the heat. Time to get a rest for tomorrows adventures. 

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