Celia's Trip to Kenya 2014

A record of my time in Kenya for my family!

Wow what a Trip!

Kenya Nairobi, Kenya  |  Sep 01, 2014
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 A dream come true after 45 years! 

I had hoped to have a wonderful time but this trip surpassed my expectations.  The scenery and richness of the wildlife at Naibosho Conservancy was outstanding and the work of the Conservancy and the Mara Wildlife Conservation Project, which I was privileged to be part of for a short while, must have much to do with this.  

My favourite activities were wildlife counting and taking photographs used to identify individual big cats and elephants.  The range of smaller mammals and other animals was also surprising e.g. we even saw Zorillas and bushbabies.

It was great to be working on conservation and community projects which clearly were making a difference.  At weekends I had time to treat myself to some outings - seeing the Wildebeest migration crossing the Mara river and taking a balloon ride above the plains - two lifelong ambitions fulfilled!  

We were allowed to undertake our own little projects and I thoroughly enjoyed cataloguing the resources in the Koiyaki Guiding School resource centre and giving the displays a clean.

On the last night I also treated myself to a night at Encounter Camp in readiness for my return.

Wonderful all round! 

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