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  • 32 years old
  • From Swansea, Wales
  • Currently in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Carwyn and Cheryl's Kaya Adventure in S. Africa

Our amazing trip with Kaya Responsible Travel to S. Africa working with the Big 5 in a game reserve by Port Elizabeth and then our trip to work with school kids in East London on the IT wonder bus along with air and crafts projects, right in the beautiful Wild Coast!

First day in S. Africa

South Africa Port Elizabeth, South Africa  |  Sep 29, 2013
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 South Africa, Port Elizabeth, volunteer work on a Game Reserve with the BIG 5 

Cheryl and I arrived today in Port Elizabeth in S. Africa at last from our very long (nearly missedb) flight from the UK.

We are in the gorgious game reserve and start our volunteer work tomorrow. meant to be a rubbosh search 1st thing but then we get to hang out with a lion cub! im hoping we get to do some stuff with the elephants tomorrow 

We'll try to blog often!

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