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  • 32 years old
  • From Swansea, Wales
  • Currently in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Carwyn and Cheryl's Kaya Adventure in S. Africa

Our amazing trip with Kaya Responsible Travel to S. Africa working with the Big 5 in a game reserve by Port Elizabeth and then our trip to work with school kids in East London on the IT wonder bus along with air and crafts projects, right in the beautiful Wild Coast!

Dawn drives and a lion cub up close

South Africa Port Elizabeth, South Africa  |  Oct 01, 2013
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Another great day on the game reserve! Started with an unexpected 5.30am dawn drive in the reserve. really cool to see the park wake up and some ace sunrise shots. Saw a hippo having his early morning swim and plenty of water boc ( look like they coild come from Canada with their bog coats, they've got a white 'follow me' ring on  their ass). Also saw some baby spring boc which are impressively fast, just mini versions of their parents. We then spent the rest of the morning removing alien vegitation, hacking down the trees that the animals don't eat and prevent indigenous flora growing. Got to use a masheti to help the environment - everyones a winnera!.

Me and Cheryl also volunteered to 'cub sit' the 3 month old white lion cub this afternoon, out of this world experience! The cub had been rejected by its mother after only a few weeks and due to the endangered nature of the white lion rhe rangers decided to intervene and adopt the lion cub. She will be put in an enclosure tomorrow away from people to start learning how to do all those proper lions things like eating meat and killing stuff. But tozday we got to spend time with essentially a massive, endangered, stroppy, playful kitten. Amazing!

Great day lets see what tomorrow holds!


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  • First day in S. Africa

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  • Dawn drives and a lion cub up close

    October 01, 2013
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