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Preparing for My First Trip

Only 7 months to go!


England Surrey, England  |  Jun 07, 2013
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So its June and time has just been passing me like a flash! I booked the placement in november and already it has been 6 months since then! It feels like yesterday haha. So i booked my flights last month and my travel insurance, so they are all payed for :) I still need to raise 2000 though to actually finance the placement, should be alright though, i dont work this much for nothing hehe. I also just started an animal behaviour level 3 course which I am very excited about, it will definetely be useful when in Indonesia to be able to understand the animals a bit better :) I must say that, although i am excited, i am also so nervous, i have never even been abroad! Let alone been abroad on my own. So i figure going on a flight for 18hrs wont be fun but hopefully the experience of three months working for a cause i believe in wilk make it 100% worth it! 

Anyways, will keep you posted on my progress, bye for now x

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