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New year, new adventure

From preparations to getting back home from Pom Pom

one week left at Pom Pom

Malaysia Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia  |  Oct 15, 2012
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Only one week left at Pom Pom, next Monday it's take off to Semporna for further travel to Kota Kinabalu and than Stockholm here I come.

I had my 40'th birthday here which was a very pleasant surprise. I got presents from Amelia, Joe, Tim, Silvia and Isobel. Amelia also made homemade springrolls for dinner which were delicious. I had a really pleasant day even though my family wasn't here.

Haven't had many lessons lately at all unfortunately, and I'm a bit worried over how we're gonna find the time to complete it, there's still quite some lessons to do. But under the circumstances there’a nothing I can do about it. I’ve stopped being stressed out over the fact that I might not be able to complete the course. I’m very happy that I have Joe here who’s taken on the responsibility to have as many lessons as he can with me. Without him here to help with the classes I don’t know how much that would have been done. There’s still 5 days for classes so maybe there will be time to complete the course after all, time will tell. Guess I have to check the syllabus myself to see what’s left to be done. I’m glad to have time to study when I get back home before the exam.

Today’s a hot day. Almost no wind and the sea looks like a mirror, beautiful. Have taken a swim and enjoyed the very high tide, and get some self-studying done.

I’ve almost completed my Advanced Open Water course, only the night dive and the knowledge review left. The night dibe we’ll hopefully do tomorrow so in a few days I’ll have my advanced open water completed.

I’m looking forward to going home and see my sister Cecilia and sidekick Erik, my mom and dad and my friend Caroline. And also seeing my sisters dog Terry again, he’s grown so much during my time away from home. I’ll only be home for a few days before I leave on a completely different trip to Frankfurt to see Alice Cooper, that’s gonna be epic. I’m also gonna eat all the things I’ve missed, pork chops, potato gratin, pickeled salted cucumbers, more pork, the list goes on and on J My fantastic parents are doing the shopping for me before I arrive at home, I’m so happy to have such wonderful parents.

I’m posting a few photos of our big group, our chicks and other “pets” J

We haven’t had internet for a couple of days so I’m posting this a bit late. We’re now 18 people at camp, I and Amelia did the lunch, it took almost 2,5 hours in blistering hot weather, I’m pretty exhausted now.

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