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  • Volunteering Over

    Travel Journal from Cambodia Cambodia | Tue Sep 22, 2015

    This is just a short note really to say that it's now almost 2 weeks since I finished volunteering at Salariin Kampuchea School on the outskirts of Siem Reap. I'm still in Cambodia, having travelled to Kampot, which is a picturesque town close to the coast, and my intention is to continue travelling in Cambodia and then on to Thailand, before returning to the UK in a month or two's …

    Living & Volunteering in Siem Reap

  • Welcome to Greenpop

    Travel Journal from South Africa Cape Town, South Africa | Wed Jul 08, 2015

    I have been in Cape Town for less than 48 hours and I already feel at home. The flat that I am staying in (the Cape Town Loft) is home to about 10 other interns. Most work at Greenpop like I do but the rest work in all sorts of different places, from an LGBT organisation to the fashion industry. We are a very international group and I am currently …

    Cape Town 2015

  • Planning the Journey

    Travel Journal from United Kingdom United Kingdom | Fri Jun 05, 2015

    You can't start a journey without planning it prior. After deciding to volunteer on the 'Big 5' scheme with Kaya volunteer, it was only a matter of time before flights and accomodation were being booked. After scouring the internet and finding the places which are best for me, I consulted my travel "partner in crime" Summer in order to start the booking. Now, 2 weeks in Port Elizabeth have been …

    Volunteering in South Africa

  • Week two at Yana Cocha and Quito

    Travel Journal from Ecuador Puyo, Ecuador | Sun Nov 23, 2014

    Week two at Yana Cocha was a little less overwhelming than the first week since "I knew what I was doing." The tasks are similar each week so I won't bore you with the day to day details like my last post. To start, my stomach felt significantly better but was still not 100%. I decided to start using my water purification drops on the already filtered water just to be …

    My adventures through Costa Rica, Peru, and Ecuador

  • Wow what a Trip!

    Travel Journal from Kenya Nairobi, Kenya | Mon Sep 01, 2014

    I had hoped to have a wonderful time but this trip surpassed my expectations.  The scenery and richness of the wildlife at Naibosho Conservancy was outstanding and the work of the Conservancy and the Mara Wildlife Conservation Project, which I was privileged to be part of for a short while, must have much to do with this.   My favourite activities were wildlife counting and taking photographs used to identify individual …

    Celia's Trip to Kenya 2014

Travel Articles

  • Check Out These Great Blogs and Websites Before you Travel!

    Tue May 24, 2011

    If you’re looking for some inspiring travel sites to browse through on the net before you head off for your volunteer project, why not check out some of our favourites below and get lost in the cacophony of news sites, travel updates, blogs and much more! Wanderlust http://www.wanderlust.co.u…  Read More

  • Travel Tips for the Philippines: Part 2

    Thu May 19, 2011

    For the second part of my travel tips for the Philippines I just want to let you know about some of the trips you can take if have a long weekend or a little longer to spare. I firstly want to start by talking about my favourite place in the Philippines.  It’s not that close to Tacloban …  Read More

  • Travel Tips for the Philippines: Part 1

    Thu May 19, 2011

    During the passed three years of my life I have spent one and a half of these living in the Philippines.  I started by doing a six month stint as a volunteer, then, after a year travelling around Australia, a few months travelling Asia and a little bit of time back in the UK, I returned to the…  Read More

  • 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Volunteered

    Mon May 16, 2011

    Do your research into the country that you’re travelling to... For many this will be the first thing on your To Do list, but make sure you know the area that you are going too. It is all well and good looking at the country as a whole and the big tourist attractions or amazing places to visit…  Read More

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    Advice and Tips for the Philippines

    This is to provide inside tips about travelling around the Philippines.

    Topic Money in the Philippines

    Started by kayaadvisor, 0 Reply

    To all those travelling to the Philippines let me just tell you that as soon as possible change one of your P500 or P1000 notes and get some 20, 50 and 100 Peso notes. Try and do this before you get a taxi for example because many taxi drivers will say they do not have change and you will end up paying far too much for your taxi ride. Also, when travelling by taxi always use a metre taxi and make sure that they switch it on so you don't get ripped off!

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